Galaxy ZFlip: The All New Revolutionary Futuristic phone

The full screen phone that folds to fit in your pocket with revolutionary flexible glass, a camera made to stand on its own. Meet the phone changing the shape of the future.

Samsung has pushed the boundaries of technology innovation with a fashionable new foldable smartphone that fits your style perfectly. The Galaxy Z Flip’s sophisticated and iconic design truly steals the show. It’s versatile, unmatched super-large display offers hands-free communications like dynamic video chatting and live streaming without compromising portability. 

The Galaxy Z Flip gives an unprecedented camera experience that captures your best selfies and moments from every angle imaginable with the ultra-wide lens and night hyper lapse.

Let a whole new experience unfold in the palm of your hand with the Galaxy ZFlip.

The full screen that fits in your pocket

Galaxy ZFlip’s Infinity Flex Display is an immersive Dynamic AMOLED screen delivering incredible color quality and reduced blue light. With minimized bezels and no notch, it’s 6.7 inches of stunning cinematic viewing.

Glass. But make it fold

Meet the first-ever folding glass screen on a Galaxy. Yeah, we said folding glass. Made of Samsung Ultra Thin Glass, it sets you up for an epic view with a smooth flat screen. Can it get any better than that?

Impossibly Compact

Galaxy ZFlip folds to be surprisingly small for an outstanding design that easily fits into your pocket, bag, or accessory. 

A new photography perspective

Galaxy ZFlip folds and holds its position at multiple angles, giving you the ability to capture amazing low angle shots that play with perception for thought-provoking photos. Call it the new power pose.

Elevated Design & Style

Galaxy ZFlip’s unique form factor is enhanced with an impossible-to-ignore, color-shifting exterior in your choice of stunning hues.

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Improved Foldable Experience

Since the Galaxy ZFlip first launched in February 2020, consumers have enjoyed using its revolutionary form factor to express themselves in new, imaginative ways—doing more, hands-free. Since then, Samsung has continually updated the experience for users to more easily capture, view, communicate and share content with friends and loved ones.

The power to outlast your day

The dual battery holds more power in less space, letting you fold and unfold all day long. With 3300mAh (typical) and cutting-edge intelligence, Galaxy Z Flip’s all-day battery lets you make the most out of every charge. 

Do it all. All at once

Level up your app use by having two open at once. Even better, launch two simultaneously — you can pair up apps you frequently use together. With App Pair and Multi Active Window, multitasking is awesome on the massive screen.

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