Facebook: A Milestone Of 5 Billion Downloads on Android

When we think about 5 billion downloaded software, that’s a landmark that seems impossible to achieve. Just Google apps such as YouTube, Play Store, Gmail, Maps, etc. pre-installed have been able to pass the mark so far. However, Facebook just broke the record, becoming the first non-Google app to cross 5 billion installs. For comparison, this landmark was reached earlier this year by Google Maps. 


The fact that Facebook is the first non-Google device to reach this landmark is not surprising. Facebook has also made deals for years to pre-install the software on devices from Samsung, LG, Huawei (well, no longer), and others, in addition to being one of the most popular apps on smartphones. 

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The Google Play Store app’s additional information shows 5 billion downloads. Five years ago, it was the first non-Google application to reach 1 billion installs, but this is no surprise as it is now one of the most common applications. The fact that Facebook has reached the 5 billionth mark shows it’s more successful than many of Google’s own offer. 

The fact that Facebook reached the 5 billionth mark indicates it’s more successful than many of Google’s own offerings such as Hangouts, Google Search, and Chrome. Facebook witnessed 9% boom in its daily users in the third quarter of 2018. Thanks to growth in markets like Indonesia, the Philippines and India. 


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