Facebook Adds Reactions to Virtual Reality

After acquiring the virtual reality company Oculus, manufacturer of the Oculus Rift, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made it quite obvious that the acquisition wasn’t just a speculation, rather it was an endowment in the company’s future.

Facebook Adds Reactions to Virtual Reality

Facebook increased its focus on that idea by boosting one of its key features. Users will now be able to add Reactions, those animated emoji to Facebook 360 videos when using Gear VR.

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So in order to view or create the Reactions, users will first have to update their Oculus Video app and then connect to their Facebook accounts. No doubt the upgrade may not be that noticeable. However after Likes, Reactions have turn out to be the coin of the realm when it comes to answering posts. Therefore extending the horizon of Reactions into VR could be substantial.

The company revealed 360-degree videos to the Facebook community last year. It specially focused on video content. Earlier this month Facebook also rolled out 360 Photos.

According to a company spokesperson,

“Gear VR users will also be able to add Reactions to 360 Photos in virtual reality in the upcoming weeks.”

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