Facebook And Instagram Screentime Management Dashboards Introduced

As we all know that tech addiction has become a very big issue nowadays. Our lives seem to be incomplete without social media. So, in order to set daily limits and manage the time on the Apps new tools have been introduced by Facebook and Instagram. Social networking giant Facebook, which owns Instagram, unveiled new additions to the Apps on Wednesday. They have aimed to let people manage their time on the Apps. Facebook and Instagram Screentime Management Dashboards tell you how much time you’ve spent on Facebook or Instagram that day.

Facebook and Instagram  Screentime Management Dashboards help to manage time

Screentime management dashboard gives users a raw count of the minutes that they have spent in their apps. Raw count is on daily basis as well as on the weekly basis. It also tells the average across the week which is a good start for making users more mindful. It also helps to set daily limits and mute push notifications. So, these new tools can help the users to overcome the bigger problem of tech addiction. When you set daily limits for yourself and hit that ceiling then you’ll get an alert. You’ll also be able to mute push notifications for anywhere from 15 minutes to 8 hours at a time.

On Facebook, you can control those tools in a new section of the settings called “Your Time on Facebook.” On Instagram, they’ll be in the settings under “Your Activity.”

While introducing it, Ameet Ranadive, product management director at Instagram and David Ginsberg, director of research at Facebook stated that:

“We want the time people spend on Facebook and Instagram to be intentional, positive and inspiring. Our hope is that these tools give people more control over the time they spend on our platforms and also foster conversations between parents and teens about the online habits that are right for them.”

It’s a good feature that can help us to manage our time on the social network instead of becoming a useless addict.

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