Facebook Augmented Reality Ads in News Feed will Make Shopping Easier for You

Facebook is trying to change our overall experience with the app by introducing Facebook Augmented Reality Ads in News Feed. Now Facebook ads will be more like virtual fitting room. This news was revealed by Facebook yesterday in a blog post.

The company also told that these AR ads are in the testing phase and firstly users in the US would be the only one who will enjoy it. The new feature allows users to try on the products that are advertised through a process similar to that of a Snapchat filter.

Facebook Augmented Reality Ads in News Feed will Change your Overall Experience

Facebook Augmented Reality Ads in News Feed will let you virtually try on items such as fashion accessories, cosmetics, furniture and more. The basic purpose of this AR feature is that it will give users experience to visualize what a product looks like on them before they buy it. Michael Kors is the first brand to have AR Ads in the News Feed, where it allows people to search for different sunglasses and use the camera to “put them on”. In this way, selection would be made easier.

Now Advertisers will get this new way to show off their products, with augmented reality. Facebook also announced that it is expanding shopping for Instagram stories. Previously Facebook permitted brands to place stickers on an Instagram story to link out and let a user purchase the advertised product. These stickers were used by just a few brands but now the company has expanded them globally.

I am anxiously waiting for Facebook Augmented Reality Ads in News Feed to roll out in Pakistan. I am super excited! What about you People?

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