Facebook’s Report About PTA Limiting Online Freedom Is Incorrect-PTA

According to Facebook’s latest transparency report, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is said to somewhat filter the social media and online content to protect its users from harmful material which supposedly restricts online freedom.

PTA’s Counter-Narrative To Facebook

Countering the claim, PTA said that the filtration is to restrict content related to Blasphemy, pornography, indecency, derogatory,  impersonation, and anti-state content etc. PTA holds the authority to restrict such unlawful content floating over the internet as per the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA 2016). Facebook readily accepted these requests as they were according to its community standards.

PTA And Facebook Working To Restrict The Circulation Of Fake News On The Internet

In addition to that, both PTA and Facebook agreed to acknowledge that the circulation of fake news around the internet is a very demanding and sensitive issue which requires immediate attention. However, both are working actively on their ends to finish or at least minimize the circulation of fake news. PTA has been working tirelessly to discourage the propagation of fake news. Whereas, Facebook is playing its part by removing anonymous facebook accounts and pages that are suspected of creating fake propaganda.

PTA Stands Clear

PTA’s counter-narrative freed it of the accusation of restricting online freedom in Pakistan. It is incorrect to assume on the basis of Facebook’s transparency report that PTA suppresses online freedom of expression. When in actual PTA supports and encourages the freedom of speech and expressions online as per stated in the prestigious constitution of Pakistan. However, it finds it necessary to place them into the moulds of the respectable laws of Pakistan. This will ensure harmony and peace on the individual and collective level.

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