Now Shine on Public Forums with Facebook Comments Ranking Feature

Facebook keeps on launching new features to facilitate its users and for making the app more user-friendly. After rolling out plenty of features for Facebook security, this time the messaging app has come up with a new idea. In a new Facebook update, the app will rank comments in order to highlight the most important and suitable users. The name of this feature is the Facebook comments ranking feature.

Facebook will Soon Rank Comments to Make Conversations Easier

Now on public posts, Facebook will show the Facebook comments ranking from people residing in any of these three categories:

  • If the comments from any users have interactions from the page
  • Comments of the person who posted the post
  • Comments from friends of users who posted

While telling about this upcoming new Facebook feature, Justine Shen, Product Manager at Facebook said:

“We will continue to take other signals into account so we do not prominently show low-quality comments, even if they are from the person who made the original post or their friends,” 

This comment preference is on by default, so people having too many followers can turn off comment ranking. People having no or fewer followers will not have comment ranking turned on by default. SO such people will have to turn on comment rankings by going to the settings.

While telling about comment ranking feature, Facebook stated that:

We want people to see safe and authentic comments. If a comment violates our community standards, we remove it. We also take into account other signals, like engagement-bait, to address the integrity of information and improve the quality of comments people see,”

Like usual posts, users will be allowed to hide, delete or engage with someone on the commenting.

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