Facebook DPs Unite India and Pakistan Fans on ICC T20 Cricket World Cup

There is a huge list of dissimilarities between the people of Pakistan and India. Culturally and ethnically very less similarities can be found between the two countries but the passion for cricket among the two countries overshadow many differences. Nothing makes the people more exciting than the cricket match between India and Pakistan. The upcoming match between the two countries has given boost to this excitement level.

Facebook DPs Unite India and Pakistan Fans on ICC T20 Cricket World Cup

In this entire scenario, Facebook also could not resist to be a part of this situation. For this matter, Facebook has introduced an option to put up our profile pictures supporting our favorite team. All the cricket loving nations overwhelmed the idea by modifying their display pictures but the India and Pakistani cricket team went one step ahead by using their profile pictures for promoting peace following the trend “ProfileForPeace”. There are many people on both sides who survive by promoting the conventional rivalry between the two countries.

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The creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg also stated in his Facebook official page the change as a positive sign between the two countries.

“When we designed the profile frames feature, we just wanted to help people show support for their favorite teams or a cause they believe in. But this story shows that the more connected we are, the more we realize that what unites us is more important than what divides us”

The trend was followed from the shore of Karachi to Lahore and from Kolkata to Amritsar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hash tag PeaceForAll. It seems like a silent message from the nation to the government to step ahead from this useless rivalry and stop promoting “Hate politics” and “Extremism” on both sides.


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