Facebook Empowers e-commerce Platforms- Brings Changes to Business Messaging on Instagram & WhatsApp

Social media platforms are a blessing in disguise when it comes to advertising your business. No doubt, every company hires social media analysts these days with the core expertise of boosting a company’s sales by advertising products or services on platforms. Keeping in view the growing needs of companies, Facebook has rolled out business messaging changes to its major platforms i.e; Instagram and WhatsApp.

The changes were announced in the virtual developer’s conference named ‘F8 Refresh”. Facebook revealed its plans regarding the launch of tools associated with businesses so developers can build different ways for these entities to perform by messaging customers on Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook Empower Companies by announcing Business Messaging Changes to Instagram & WhatsApp

The company also shared that 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business it means there is a lot of scope for businesses to make themselves known on this platform.

Furthermore, the company added that WhatsApp will be updated with two types of additions in messages. The first one would be allowing businesses to send alerts when some item gets back in stock. Secondly, a new “logic connect” feature will provide customers with a separate way to connect with businesses via message.

This is not the only thing planned for enterprises, previously the company announced building augmented and virtual reality to help creators make money by investing in e-commerce.

No doubt, these are big steps and when it will become reality, businesses can reap the benefits for the long term but of course, Facebook will charge for it.

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