Facebook even tracks those users who have Deactivated or Deleted Accounts

Facebook Users Records is the most Valuable Possession and no Company has Right to Expose it

No Doubt, Facebook is not a secure platform now. Everyone can relate to it especially after the Cambridge analytic scandal and many more scandals of the social media giant which revealed that it is not a secure platform now. We have got a new report that has given us some shocking revelation. According to CNET, Facebook even tracks the data of those users who have deactivated their accounts. It means Facebook Deactivated Accounts are not safe now.

It’s good that social media giant has given facility to people to stop using its platform by deactivating and deleting the account completely. However, In both cases, it is believed that the photo-sharing app, keeps on collecting user’s personal data and even target them with ads.

 Facebook Deactivated Accounts are not even safe

According to Facebook, the deactivate option on its platform was made to make user invisible from the online world but it doesn’t mean that it will also secure their privacy.

So the bottom line is that this social media network will keep on tracking you even you are not using the app anymore. So the people who wanted to save the privacy were thinking they can save it, we feel sorry for them.

Facebook is under fire for a long time for leaking personal data of its Users. Previously Facebook had remained in the limelight due to Cambridge Analytica Scandal, due to which the company had to face certain problems. When the things were settling, we came to know that Facebook Data Of 3 mn Users Leaked Again who took a personality quiz and the data was published on a poorly protected website. On those websites, the data could be accessed by unauthorized third parties. Well, Facebook said it has fixed it also but now we have come across another scandal. According to researcher 540 Million, Facebook Users Records are leaked on Amazon Cloud servers. This is done by Facebook developers who exposed hundreds of millions of users records on publicly visible cloud servers. The news is quite surprising as when a person uses any social media app, the overall game is all about trust and privacy.

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