Facebook Going to Add New Feature, Users Can View Instagram Stories Directly

Instagram describes stories as something that lets you “share all your memories of each day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile”. This feature allows you to share many images and videos in a ‘slideshow’ style. Currently, Facebook aims to specifically involve Instagram users with more viewers directly.

Few Facebook users recently discovered that they can now access their stories directly from the main Facebook app. Facebook has long enabled and supported Instagram to share stories over Facebook as cross-posting, which helps to create momentum for its own version of the format but a recent test might introduce stories to direct view through Facebook.

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You will see that you are looking at Facebook or Instagram stories depending on the color of the profile photo envelops; the stories of Facebook have a blue circle, and the stories of Instagram are the pink colors. Both circles have the same identical app colors.

A New Test Lets Some People view Instagram Stories through Facebook

Facebook is quite straightforward in terms of privacy about who can see your stories and changing them, and only your Instagram followers who have linked their Facebook accounts can see a new option inside Facebook.   And they have to choose the option in the setting. “Facebook account holders who don’t follow you on Instagram can’t see your stories,” screenshot shared about the test feature cleared.

The Facebook spokesperson clarified that this is a “limited test” and that feedback from users will be reviewed by the company. The presenter noted that the function “respects all current privacy settings” and said that Instagram users will also have the option to change settings if they don’t want to share their stories with their followers on Facebook.

The change is one more move towards keeping close relations between both platforms i.e. Facebook and Instagram. Facebook started to merge Facebook Messenger and Instagram chat last month.

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