Facebook in Limelight Again with another Data Scandal

From the last few weeks, Facebook is on fire due to its blunders and data scandal. The list of scandals is very long, but to cut it short, it all started with Cambridge Analytica Scandal, and recently we heard that Facebook made deals with Apple, Samsung & other Tech giants to get access of Personal Data. It was also attacked by a bug that Made Private Posts of 14 MN Users Public. This time Facebook is in trouble for giving certain companies extended access to its network for user’s information. It all started in 2014 and still continued. This Facebook Data Scandal is very shocking.

Facebook Data Scandal was reported by The Wall Street Journal, who suggested that Facebook kept a white list of partners who could easily access elaborated data. It means they can access user’s data after the point where the company claims that it has not even given this access to developers.

In 2014, Facebook has stopped Apps from collecting data calling it personal however now it seems that Facebook intentionally gave permission to its special advertising partners to collect personal information.

Facebook Confesses This new Data Scandal

Facebook has admitted to wall street journal regarding it data scandal but insisted that these extensions were given to companies like Nissan ans Royal Bank of Canada to help the companies to develop new privacy settings. According to Facebook, these extensions were short-term and have long since been terminated.

Facebook also said that after this, deal extensions signed were kept in new restrictions, i.e; only friend list can be shared with app developers and no other private information is shared such as photos etc.

The Bottom Line:

In past, shockingly Facebook gave access to multiple companies of user’s personal data. However later on, between 2014 to 2015, the company made some new privacy regulations. Maybe access now has been shut off, Facebook will still remain limelight for this scandal and will lose the trust of its loyal users.

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