Facebook Introduces Marketplace for Buying Cars with Dealership Sites

After a year of its Marketplace’s launch in October 2016, Facebook has entered in to new successions of partnership with auto-dealership sites in order to make online car buying more easier. For the sake of reader’s information Marketplace is Facebook’s new user-to-user exchange platform in order to buy and sell goods with each other in the community. Facebook Introduces Marketplace for Buying Cars with Dealership Sites

Facebook is getting profoundly involved in developing effective and efficient e-commerce platforms. Previously, this Marketplace platform offered car listings according to make, year, mileage, and price and this platform had already observed a substantial upsurge. (Taken from Kelly’s Blue Book). However, the new improvements in platform have made it more exuberant because of the new filters like transmission, and vehicle type – which will help in searching for desired cars.

Facebook Introduces Marketplace for Buying Cars with Dealership Sites

Contemporary Facebook Marketplace will be encompassing car listings from the leading car dealing sites like Auction123, Cars.com, CDK Global, Edmunds, and SocialDealer. Moreover, for buyers who want to communicate with dealers, Facebook is providing facility of text chat through Messenger enabling direct communication between buyers & sellers.

Facebook will not take share in Marketplace dealerships, rather it has provided a platform for promotion of products. Market Gurus are anticipating a strong positive response to the Marketplace as the users aren’t required to set up a new account.

According to the company, the new inventory of Marketplace will inhabit soon and new attributes will begin to arouse in the upcoming months. Facebook’s Marketplace will be acting as a buffer ground both for the automobile dealership sites and the automobile buyers. Apparently, Marketplace is turning out to be a fertile land for entities from both ends!  On one hand, this will be aiding the buyers to purchase what they really want to buy and on the other hand automobile dealership sites will be able to play on some fair and square grounds.

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