Facebook Introduces Photo Sharing App-Facebook Moments

A New App Launched to Share Photos from Facebook Directly With Your Friends

You went to a party with your friends or you had a family dinner or you took selfies at the picnic in school. With emergence of high quality cameras in smartphones, all of us like to take images and share them with out loved ones. It means a single shot in everyone’s phone, now how to get a copy of that picture to keep your memory saved? This problem is solved now by latest app launched by Facebook keeping privacy, your foremost priority.

Facebook– the biggest social network launched Moments a new app, yesterday. This allows you to share your photos instantly with your friends. It’s a standalone app which is surprisingly easy to share what you or your friends click. You just install the app and synchronize it with your phone’s gallery and here you go. The same functionality used for tagging pictures on Facebook is also used here that is by facial recognition the very prominent feature of Facebook.

The grouping of pictures is done by the app itself on the basis of date of pictures taken and the friends who are present in those pictures; these pictures will be automatically shared to the tagged friends as well. After synchronization and recognition of people who are present in the pictures the picture will be available to all those who are in the picture to save on device or download (If only they also have Moments installed on their Smartphones).

It’s clear that Facebook in a way provides you to store your pictures and share them safely. This is advantageous over other cloud storage applications. This seems to be a big success for the Facebook. This will gain huge attention among the masses because of the safety feature and will be soon popular among the Facebook users just like Facebook messenger.

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