Facebook iOS App updated!

Facebook iOS App updated!
There is a good news for Those who have suffered from the sluggishness of the current apps. They can now relax and can breathe a collective sigh of relief: these new versions are much faster.

Facebook has updated their mobile application for iOS with significant improvement to the performance. The apps look nearly identical to their predecessors. The new version has simplified web browser loading the Facebook mobile website, the new version uses native code like most of the other apps out there.

Other changes include considerably different UI with a different view for photos on your timeline, The code from Facebook’s stand-alone Camera and Messenger apps has been tucked into the Facebook app, replacing the older photo and messaging tools. That makes these tools look and act a bit different, but most importantly, messaging and posting photos are much zippier. Further difference is in the news feed. When people “Like” or add “comment” to status updates, they will show up in real time, eliminating the need to refresh the post to view new comments and Likes in facebook iOS app.

We hope iphone users are happy now with their new facebook iOS app!
Source: NY Times

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