Facebook is locking users out of their new Oculus headsets

According to the news details, Facebook recently made an announcement that, in October, existing handset users and new Oculus users will be required to log into their handsets with Facebook accounts. This shows even the existing users who are already having their Oculus account have to switch to a Facebook account to use their Oculus headsets in future.

Facebook is locking users out of their new Oculus headsets

Many people responded to the news, suggesting people that if they don’t want a Facebook account they can go for making a fake account to use their handsets exclusively. But this solution will not work Facebook states.

Furthermore, Facebook says that its accounts are governed by the Facebook Community Standards. Facebook confirmed that violating the company rules will result in a risk of losing users access to their handsets. This can relate to the violations that occur in VR or on Facebook products like Fcaebook.com.

The company further says that users who do not use their real name and date of birth in their accounts can result in losing access to Oculus handsets.

In a news forum, a spokesperson said “If you log in using your Facebook account or merge your Oculus and Facebook accounts and violate the Facebook Community Standards, Conduct in VR Policy or other terms and policies on any of our platforms your access to or use of Oculus products may be impacted. If your account is fully disabled as a result of this violation you may also lose access to your [games and content]. We are committed to keeping all of our platforms safer,”

While the company says that permanent bans would be reserved for the most serious violations of the Facebook Community Standards. Lesser violations could lead to the temporary suspension of the account which could lead to restricting the use of Oculus headsets for up to thirty days.

However, it is still not clear how Facebook will verify that account who are using the fake date of birth and names. The company says such accounts may be “flagged, requiring users to stop violating the rules.

It isn’t clear how Facebook verifies that accounts are using an authentic name and date of birth, but the company says such accounts may be “flagged,” requiring users to remedy the violation before regaining full access to their headset.

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