Facebook is working on a Twitter-like app


According to a report, Facebook is working on a Twitter-like app, this app will be used for news. It will be used for business purposes. The report additionally includes that a couple of organizations are being picked by the Social network to pilot the application. This report was not confirmed by Facebook, it might be a rumor, but who knows Facebook is already intelligently working on many projects, This might also be true.

Facebook is working on a Twitter-like app, A Stand-alone app for Business Initiative

The new Twitter-like app is currently in alpha testing stage and insights about it are still unclear. Here’s the means by which it apparently lives up to expectations – Users will need to download another versatile application by Facebook and afterward pick accomplice distributions that they would need to take after furthermore points on which breaking news notifications and alerts they need to get.

The alert will permit ‘100 characters’ of content and a URL to the article. Sounds commonplace at this point. Users will be notified every time there is an alert of the followed user.

According to suppositions the app will have following features:

  • Users will download a new mobile app by Facebook.
  • Users will then choose partnering publications they want to follow on the app and topics (or “stations” and “substations”) they want to receive breaking news alerts about. Facebook has apparently selected only a few companies to launch with.
  • When there is breaking news, partnering publications can create mobile notifications that will blast out to all of the followers instantly, as fast as a tweet would.
  • The mobile alerts allow for up to 100 characters of text and a url to the news article on that publication’s website. One publication can’t create a notification for another, for example.
  • The blast will go out, and when people click on the link, they’ll be taken to the publication’s website to read the article.

Until further notice, the social site has just select accomplice distributions. Likewise, it ought to be noticed that Twitter is additionally taking a shot at its own particular stage to offer breaking and creating news through the iPhone application utilizing a component called Project Lightning.

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