Facebook Joins with Uber to Introduce Ride-Hailing in it’s Messenger App

On Wednesday the social-networking giant Facebook revealed that it joined with Uber to introduce ride-hailing into its Messenger app. With this app you can just send a friend an address in Messenger, and he or she can tap on it to call a box that says “Request a Ride”.  Customers can also tap a car button inside the app to order a ride. With building ride-hailing into its Messenger service, the social-networking giant is captivating mobile apps to the next level.

Facebook Joins with Uber to Introduce Ride-Hailing in it’s Messenger App

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Both the companies informed that users can stay in Messenger during the method. New users can also sign up for Uber from within Messenger. Uber also said that the first ride up to $20 will be free of cost.

This is a recent initiative taken by Facebook to extend its Messenger facility further than its immediate messaging roots. Opponents like WeChat in China have parlayed their messenger apps into influential hubs of the Internet by tethering in features such as payments, shopping and gaming.

Approximately 700 million people use Messenger at least once a month. However Facebook is looking for ways to expand the service and keep people coming back. For this purpose it is partnering with app manufacturers extending from entertainment apps like Giphy to payments company Square. The company has also assembled new features, such as its M concierge service, to contest with contenders like Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

In the meantime Uber has also partnered with a variety of services, including OpenTable, United Airlines and the Apple Watch, in efforts to make its service more easily available.

According to sources, currently Messenger only works with Uber, whereas Facebook is negotiating to make its service work with opponent ride-sharing service Lyft beginning in January. The Wall Street Journal also informed about the partnership strategy before.

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