Facebook launches Community Action Feature to Enlighten Current Issues

Facebook has always remained in the limelight by acting as a prominent platform when it comes to politics or other current issues. Apart from this, we have involved Facebook in every part of our life but many people among us do not respect Facebook’s proposed rules of engagement. Due to this, many people use it for the wrong means. To cater this, Facebook has decided to give communities and interest groups a voice to show their disgrace about local and national elected official and government agencies. For this purpose, Facebook will launch a new Community Actions feature. Facebook Community Action Feature will be rolled out to Facebook users starting tomorrow.

No doubt, Facebook is one of those platforms which is used for multiple purposes be it for raising fund, starting a meaningful group or to contact the elected official. Through such means, people have brought many issues on board.

Facebook Community Action Feature Launched to Pressure Corrupt Politicians

With Community Actions feature, users will be able to add a title, description, and image. People will also be able to tag the government agencies with which they will come to know about the petition.  When more and more people will click the “support” button, the more it will get viral. People who will be supporting it will leave comments and will also be able to organize events.

According to the social media giant, this feature will be managed by proactive algorithm detection and Facebook human moderator. Tomorrow this community action feature will be available in the US however right now the company has not announced when it will be launched in other countries.

Facebook is quite active in bringing back its lost users. Now According to some reports, Facebook is testing a new app for its teen users. Facebook LOL is a new meme app for teen users. The company has also confirmed that it’s testing LOL.

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