Facebook Launches Memories Page to Remind You Good Days

From the last few weeks, Facebook is on fire due to its blunders and data scandal. The list of scandals is very long, but to cut it short, it all started with Cambridge Analytica Scandal, and recently we heard that Facebook made deals with Apple, Samsung & other Tech giants to get access of Personal Data. It was also attacked by a bug that Made Private Posts of 14 MN Users Public. It seems that after plenty of scandals which shocked users, Facebook wants to make its users happy with Facebook Memories Page.

Facebook Memories Page- A new Home of Reminiscing

Facebook announced a new page named “Memories” where it will show old content from the days of Facebook past. This feature is similar to “On This Day” feature which we usually see in the news feed.

Memories will same as “On This Day”, with few additions in news feed such as Friends Made on This Day, seasonal or monthly recaps, and memories you might have missed from the past week.

It is a cute feature that will give people happy feeling that they will want to share. Since “On This Day” feature was launched, Facebook is trying to make it better day by day. Facebook tries to show positive memories that are not painful for users.

Users have the option to dismiss stories in their news feed or can also block unwanted people, dates etc. This new feature also automatically detects negative memories based on friend reactions and keywords. If that post is unwanted, it will be stopped showing in News Feed.

It seems that after so many scandals, Facebook wants to make things cheery for its users now.

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