Facebook Lite For iOS Will Roll Out Soon To All Users

We all know that Facebook introduced its Lite app back in 2015. Facebook Lite For Android has been available since 2015. It was available just about anywhere in the world but only for the Android users. Moreover, Facebook also tried to turn it into a crisis response tool by introducing the Facebook Lite Community Help support. Recently, we came to know that Facebook is all set to make it jump to iOS as well. So, it is expected that Facebook Lite For iOS Will Roll Out Soon.

Facebook Lite For iOS Will Jump to All iOS Devices Soon

The fact is that the Facebook Lite is much smaller in size than its non-Lite counterpart. It will just take 5MB on iOS. In addition to that, it also uses less power and significantly less data. Less data and power usage are generally much more important in developing markets where unlimited or even cheap data plans aren’t as prevalent. So, the rollout of Facebook Lite starting in such countries does make a bit of sense.
Furthermore, the app is currently only installable if you have an iOS device and are located in Turkey. The reason behind slow rollout seems to be mirroring what happened on Android. The company may roll out the App to developing markets first. However, it is possible that the developed markets get it at some later point. Anyhow, we can hope that iOS users don’t have to wait too long to get their hands on this lighter version.

Laiba Mohsin

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