Facebook Messenger and Portal to get Third-Party AR Effects in Early 2021

Facebook is providing a platform to augmented reality effects creators, promoting them to share their work. The company announced at an event today that third-party creators will build the feature available on both messenger and portal as they were already part of it. The Facebook AR program effects can be seen in the app and the device they created through Spark AR. Facebook Messenger and Portal to get Third-Party AR Effects in Early 2021.

Until now, the augmented reality (AR) effects available on messenger and portal were the creation of Facebook’s in-house creators only. Very soon, these effects will come from creators outside Facebook’s in-house team. It will allow people to use these created effects on messenger and portal with ease while providing users with variety as well. The third-party roll out is expected early next year.

Facebook Messenger and Portal to get Third-Party AR Effects in Early 2021

Further, Facebook officials also provided information about the usage of Spark AR. It has been seen that so many creators are interested in Spark AR creation, as this will develop and connect a large group of people. With the ease of use, people can run their hands on newly initiated Reels on Instagram using the AR effects on Spark AR.

Spark AR has more than 400,000 creators from 190 countries, making it the largest platform for mobile AR. A massive number of people are shifting to the Spark AR, making it the leading platform for mobile AR. More than 1.2 million AR effects are available on Facebook and Instagram published by the team of creators. A product created by more than 150 accounts generates a billion views in the past three month’s activity.

Spark AR is a wide-ranging feature, accessible to everyone, and primarily used by women. Technical creators are extensively working on a wide range of features and applications, making it more creative, attractive, and easy to use for its users.

Facebook announced that until next year smart glasses would be launched to connect with smartphones. According to Zuckerberg, to minimize the feeling of anxiety while working from home and practising social distancing due to pandemic, virtual reality will play a significant role.

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