Facebook Messenger gets Set of New Features

After Facebook is done with rolling out features for its app, now it’s Messenger’s turn. The company is pushing a set of new features to Facebook Messenger, giving users another reason to stay on the platform. The new update has brought a new quick reply bar to messenger media viewers, QR Codes, and payment links features.

This new quick reply bar makes conversation easier than before, Now, users won’t have to go back to the main thread if they want to attach some file. Instead, with a new feature, all users need to do is tap on the photo, video, or any file and send a response through the quick reply bar at the bottom of the display.

Facebook Messenger gets Set of New Features

Another addition is the new QR Code and Payment Links feature. This feature will be highly beneficial for people who want to send or request money with Facebook Pay. People can utilize this feature even if they are not connected to each other on Facebook. While this feature is currently only available in the US, users can find their personal QR code and Payment link in messenger settings just below Facebook Pay.  These QR codes can be sent to one another to shared or ask for money.

Furthermore, the social media company is adding several new chat themes namely Olivia Rodrigo, World Oceans Day, and F9. These new chat themes are available on both Messenger and Instagram and users can get them by going to settings, tapping themes, and choosing the theme of their own choice.

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