Facebook Messenger Watch Videos Together Feature Is Under Testing

A few weeks ago, we came to know that Facebook Messenger’s Latest Update brought new interesting features. The social giant simplified its user interface by removing all the shortcuts and fancy buttons. Then, Facebook started working on Unsend Message feature. Facebook Messenger’s Unsend Feature went live three days back. This option removes the message from the chat as well as from the recipient’s inbox. Now, we have come to know that Facebook is testing another Watch video Together Feature for its Messenger App. Facebook Messenger Watch Videos Together Feature is under testing right now.

Facebook Messenger Watch Videos Together Feature Lets You sync, comment and react together in Group Watch

A code snippet was spotted revealing that the social giant Facebook is all set to introduce a new feature. Let’s have a look at that.

Facebook Messenger Watch Videos Together Feature Is Under Testing

It is an internal test so Facebook is expected to release this feature at any time. “Watch Videos Together” feature will be quite similar to the Watch Party. It means that you will be able to drop a video in Messenger. After that, you can ping the person or group of people in your Messenger thread so you can watch it at the same time. Then, everyone included in the chat can simply sync, comment and react on the video being watched.  Most Probably, Facebook is planning to support this feature for videos that are hosted on Facebook only. It means you will not be able to drop videos from other platforms like Netflix etc.

Let’s see when will this feature makes its way to your phones. There are no words by Facebook about its global rollout yet. Just wait and watch what comes next. In addition to that, Facebook Unsend Feature is also available in Bolivia, Colombia, Lithuania, and Poland right now. It will also roll out in phases.

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