Facebook Messenger will Now Automatically Translate Messages

Facebook is introducing an automatic translation to Messenger platform, which will translate sent messages automatically. Translation is a part of the M Suggestions feature that is built into Messenger. All users in the U.S. and Mexico will be able to use this new feature. Initially only it will be able to translate messages in English and Spanish in Facebook Messenger.

Users whose first language is English, when receive a message in Spanish, they will receive a popup, which will ask if they want messages for them to be translated. If the users selects yes, all messages, which they will get in future, will be auto-translated.

Facebook Messenger can now Translate Messages

This new feature will also work same for those users whose default language is Spanish, the messages will be automatically translated, when they get them in English. Moreover. Users will receive both the translated and the original message in order to avoid confusion.

A Facebook spokesperson said:

“The goal with this launch is really to enable people to communicate with people they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, in a way that is natural and seamless”

Translation feature was announced by Facebook at its F8 developer conference in April. Initially, it was only available on Facebook Marketplace. Currently, Translations are only supported between English and Spanish, but Facebook said it plans to add other languages and countries in the future.

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