Facebook Nearby Friends Feature Redesigned- Features Snapchat Like Map

Facebook keeps on launching new features to make it users stuck hard to the social media giant. Just recently Facebook announced stories has around 300 million daily users. Now Facebook revealed that it’s user’s will now be able to add songs to photos and videos. Now Facebook is testing a redesign of Facebook Nearby Friends feature that features new visuals, which are somewhat similar to Snapchat’s Snap Map.

Facebook Nearby Friends Feature Makeover- What’s New?

The makeover of Nearby Friends is tested internally, we cannot tell when this feature will be rolled out officially. When this feature will be rolled out to everyone, people will have all the authority to control whether to use nearby friends or not. For this, they just need to turn on “Nearby Friends bookmark”.

Facebook looking to redesign Nearby Friends feature to enhance engagement

Facebook has now transformed a traditional list of view of the neighbourhoods and cities friends with a map. This map can group friends together by City.
Right now both the views are available and Facebook users can easily switch between them. However, let’s see till when Facebook will keep both features.
Facebook Nearby Friends is an optional feature that Facebook friends can turn on and bookmark their friends. This new design is opted to ensure more user engagement.
The Nearby Friends feature is redesigned in order to encourage users to share their locations so that Facebook will be able to target them with the respective ads.

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