Facebook Now Lets You Change Your Panoramas into 360-degree Photos

After the announcement made last month, the social media tech-giant, Facebook has started introducing 360-degree pictures that can be uploaded by anyone just like any normal photo.

Facebook Now Lets You Change Your Panoramas into 360-degree Photos

Facebook is of the view that you only need to take a panorama on your phone or capture a photo with an appropriate 360-degree app or camera similar to the Ricoh Theta S and then upload it the way you already do it.

The images will display an animated ‘360’ icon on feeds to allow your friends know they can mess around with them.

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It’s not sure how Facebook will handle inadequate panoramas though. Users barely take a panorama that goes all the way around, so its not confirmed if Facebook will try to portray such images as a wraparound image, or just permit for the limited view.

The company reveals that you’ll be able to view 360 photos with VR headsets as well. If users have a Samsung device and a Gear VR headset, you can tap a ‘View in VR’ button on the top-left corner.

Unluckily there’s no such support for Google Cardboard for the time being, which is a much more attainable headset, but we anticipate that it will be introduced for Google Cardboard as well.

At first Facebook added 360-degree video in September, and the stills form works in a similar way. You can click-and-drag with your mouse or move your phone around to examine a scene.

The edge for photos is that anyone can take them, as most people either have an Android or iOS smartphone. Until now the receptiveness of 360-degree photos on Facebook might just do more to advocate VR and mesmeric experiences than everything else.

360 photos can be viewed from some of the associates like the New York Times and NASA on the Web, iOS and Android. But Facebook informs that users will still have to wait for some time before they can upload their own.

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