Facebook Redesign ‘Life Events’ Feature Allows You to Upload Special Videos

Facebook redesign ‘Life Events’ feature, which will allow you to share special events of your life, such as an engagement, graduation, a new job, picnic, birthday party and more. This feature was available since the launch of Timeline but now with the redesign users will be able to add animated photos or videos, photos from the people or tagged Page.

Facebook Redesign ‘Life Events’ Feature Allows You to Upload Special Videos

Now You will be able to include photos and videos but if you don’t have photos then Facebook will allow you to include animated art instead or the profile photos of people and pages involved in the post.

More interestingly, your dear friends will not miss your news as Facebook will send them notifications about all the events related to you like changes to your current city, work, education or relationship status. This will make that they will not miss the update if they were just casually scrolling their News Feed. However, you also have an option to turn these off if you don’t want to share it with everyone.

The Facebook redesign life events feature will have their own dedicated section on user profiles. That will invite people to visit your profile for the first time to get to know about the most important moments you have shared through this feature.


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