Facebook Relaunches Slingshot to Compete with Snap Chat

Facebook relaunched ‘Slingshot’, a Snap Chat like app that was launched back in June but didn’t get much adoption from the users.

[blockquote cite=””] Facebook has decided to get a makeover of the app by completely changing the interface and the working of the app.

Facebook Relaunches Slingshot 

[info]Slingshot Update:[/info] [list style=”list1″ color=”gray”]
  • To receive a photo or a video sent, users will have to first reply with a photo or video to unlock the message.
  • The app also includes Instagram-inspired filters.
  • The app also allows users to easily send looping videos and full-screen images in a matter of two taps.
  • There is one creative feature in the app that allows users to learn about other users who they can follow.
[/list] facebook-relaunches-slingshot-to-compete-with-snap-chat
The redesigned Slingshot is now available on Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop versions of Android and iOS7 and higher versions of the iPhone.

No doubt that facebook is a social networking site earning a huge profit because it is users choice. As facebook allows you to connect with people world wide so you can chat with them you can share photos and also get likes and comments. And lets see whats will be the next step by snap chat we hope that it also gain it market value again.

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