Facebook Study App will Pay You For Your Data

Facebook has introduced a new app that will keep a record of how you use your phone and pay you in return. Facebook Study App is a new marketing research app that will record broad usage behavior including your installed apps, usage times, location, device, and network. The company claims that it is offering transparency, compensating all participants, and keeping people’s information safe and secure


Facebook Study App is a new marketing research app that will Keep Record of Your Data

Facebook will manage the logistics of the market research program with the help of Applause. Applause is experienced in managing this type of market research and works with many other companies in the industry. The company will manage the registration process, all compensation to participants, and customer support.

Through the program, Facebook collects the following data and analyze information including:

  • The apps installed on a participant’s phone
  • The amount of time spent using those apps
  • Participant’s country, device and network type
  • App activity names, which may show us the names of app features participants are using

Facebook Study App

The study from Facebook does not collect user IDs, passwords, or any of the participant’s content, such as photos, videos, or messages. Facebook also explained that it doesn’t sell information from the app to third parties or use it to target ads. Moreover, it is not added to a participant’s Facebook account if they have one.

At first, the app will only be available to people in the US and India. However, the company claims that it will continue to make it better and expand it to other countries over time.

Source: Facebook 


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