Facebook to acquire ‘Ready at Dawn’ for game development

Facebook also recruited several software developers in wake of Microsoft’s agreement to collaborate with Facebook Gaming, including Ready at Dawn ‘s purchase on Monday and Sanzaru Games in February, which may represent an exclusivity contract.

wn media site Mixer in favour of a Facebook alliance. The step gives out some important signs on how the two should fit together in coming years.

Any significant developments in the collaboration between Facebook and Microsoft heading into the next generation of consoles could suggest a tougher bond between social media and digital media. There are not many details about the application library of Xbox Series X, although it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see a more sophisticated app. Even now, on Xbox One and on other Microsoft devices, Facebook’s Microsoft apps can get major facelifts.

On Monday, Facebook bought Ready at Dawn, focusing on Oculus Rift titles such as Lone Echo, Echo Battle and Echo Arena on a Mac. Now, the company works on Lone Echo II.

In the past Ready at Dawn established various exclusive PlayStation platforms. These include Daxter, God of War, PlayStation Portable titles: Olympus Chains and God of War: Ghost Sparta. Still, on PlayStation 4, Ready at Dawn crafted The Order: 1886.


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