Facebook to Allow You Block Certain Words & Emoji in Comments

Facebook is continuously struggling to combat ongoing issues that include disinformation and hate speeches. Now, this social platform will soon allow you to take matters into your own hands. Yes with an upcoming feature, Facebook to allow you to block certain words & emoji in comments.

Facebook to Allow You Block Certain Words & Emoji in Comments

With the release of this new feature, you will be able to block certain words, phrases and emoji. They will not appear in comments on Facebook.

Developer and blogger Jane Manchun Wong has tweeted and shared a screenshot that shows the option to block specific words, phrases and emojis in comments on users Timelines. This new feature of Facebook is similar to the mute feature of Twitter.

Recently,  Facebook has also released unsend message option feature. If you want to delete a message that you mistakenly sent, you will need to tap and hold on the message and then select the “Remove for Everyone” option. The message will be permanently removed and will not be shown to both sender and receiver.  However, the message will be held on by facebook for a little while just to be sure that it can review it if it’s reported for harassment.

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