Qualcomm & Facebook to Equip Devices with Machine Learning Capabilities

Qualcomm and Facebook has collaborated to reduce the reliance on cloud-based data-processing system. This has been confirmed by Qualcomm last week as it is working with the Facebook to equip devices with Machine Learning Capabilities.

Whereas, the social media giant, Facebook has earlier announced it during F8 Conference that it is going to sourcing Caffe2 – which will be its deep learning toolkit. Caffe2 will provide the developers and a Software Development Kit (SDK) with platform to develop applications and devices while using AI.

Qualcomm & Facebook to Equip Devices with Machine Learning Capabilities

Qualcomm while sharing about the project said that:

“Most of the attention around machine learning technology has involved super-fast data processing applications, server farms, and supercomputers. However, far-flung servers don’t help when you’re looking to magically perfect a photo on your smartphone, or to translate a Chinese menu on the fly. Making machine learning mobile — putting it on the device itself — can help unlock everyday use cases for most people.”

Qualcomm will collaborate with Facebook to optimize “Caffe2” for its Snapdragon neural processing engine framework.

“The NPE is designed to do the heavy lifting needed to run neural networks efficiently on Snapdragon, leaving developers with more time and resources to focus on creating their innovative user experiences.”

Qualcomm added.

Qualcomm plans to launch an “SDk” for its neural processing engine later on.

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