Facebook to Shut Down the Bonfire App

Facebook is going to shut down Bonfire. That is a clone of the group video chat app which is known as Houseparty. It acts as a virtual hangout in a group for users. Facebook started the testing of the Bonfire in 2017. Now it has been reported that this clone app will stop working this month.

Facebook to Shut Down the Bonfire App

However, most people are unaware of the Bonfire as Facebook never broadened its horizons.

According to Facebook:

“In May, we’ll be ending support for the Bonfire tests. We’ll incorporate elements of what we learned into other current and future products,” 

It is not disclosed by Houseparty how many people are using the app in recent memory. According to the Verge, the company recently has started selling games as part of a shift toward building “shared experiences.” Ben Rubin, the company’s co-founder and CEO, stepped down in March. Its co-founder and former chief operating officer, Sima Sistani is now running the company.

Other than that, Facebook has added group video chat features to its other apps that include Messenger and Instagram. It has also been reported that the company confirms a feature for watching videos together in Messenger would soon be available for users within the app across the globe.

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