Facebook Will Soon Be Putting Ads To WhatsApp Status

While buying WhatsApp back in 2012, Facebook promised that it will not alter the business model of the popular messaging app and will bombard it with ads. Now, the social giant, Facebook is going back on its promise it made. Recently, we have come to know that Facebook will bring ads to WhatsApp Status.

Soon Your WhatsApp Status Will Be Tormented With Unsavory Ads

According to the latest reports, Facebook will soon release an update for WhatsApp. This WhatsApp latest update will enable ads in the status section of the popular messaging app. We all know that the Vice President of WhatsApp dropped this bombshell back in November 2018. He stated that:

“We are going to be putting ads in WhatsApp ‘Status’. That is going to be the primary monetization model for the company as well as an opportunity for the businesses to reach people on WhatsApp.”
This new feature will work similar to Instagram. While browsing through stories of people, you will sometimes see sponsored posts. However, this is quite annoying for many people because it ruins the distraction-free experience for the WhatsApp Lovers. Let’s see when will this new update makes its way to your Apps.
Facebook Will Soon Be Putting Ads To WhatsApp Status

A few weeks back, the latest WhatsApp update brought another place from where you can start group calls on your iPhones. That was the “Calls” tab. It allowed you to make group calls from the top right corner of the display where you can find a new call icon. It directly allows you to select the contacts you want to call and that’s it. However, for the time being, you can call up to four persons at once. The new design update is available for iPhone users right now. Moreover, it is expected to make its way to the WhatsApp Android Users very soon.

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