Facial Recognition can be Deadly for Transgender People

Facial recognition technology is very common in all the aspects of our lives and is incorporated in different things, however, when it comes to gender issues, it is biased. Just recently after studying it, researchers have revealed that it is a nightmare for transgender and can even get them killed. An AI researcher OS Keyesat who belongs from the University of Washington revealed that Facial recognition for transgender society can have some lethal outcomes on transgender.

Facial Recognition- The most famous Technology

With the ever growing technological interventions, many buildings are thinking to incorporate facial recognition in order to make the apartments more secure. So the facial recognition in these areas will unlock the apartment’s doors. Even some people are using this technology to monitor the bathroom. According to the researcher, this system has trouble with recognizing transgender, so such people will be in trouble as these systems call law enforcement agencies assuming a crime scene. So the overall scenario will be awful for these people.

While revealing more details about it, Keyes said that:

“To be exceedingly deadpan the police’s record with trans people of color is not great, so yeah — the worst case scenario is someone tries to go to the bathroom because they just want to piss and they end up shot or arrested or harassed, or shot and then arrested and then harassed.”

The researcher also said that this system needs to be made more efficient, as right now it is not benefiting the people in the best possible way.

“I would like to see facial recognition development and usage just made straight-up illegal because I don’t think this is a technology with redeeming features. “Nobody has been able to point me to a use case that directly benefits humanity that can’t be solved with other means. It’s so obviously ripe for abuse and has already been [so] abused that it’s not worth doing.”

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