Why You Need Family Registration Certificate? How To Apply For It?

The National Regulatory Authority, NADRA, issues a document called the Family Registration Certificate (FRC) to represent a person’s identity and family composition. If anyone wants to identify you with your NADRA record, he/she needs your FRC. If you don’t know how to apply for NADRA FRC, don’t worry at all; we have got you covered. In this blog, I’ll jot down a complete guide on FRC’s significance and the method for a NADRA FRC application.

Why Do You Need a Family Registration Certificate? What Are Its Benefits?

FRC offers several advantages to people and their families. Let’s dig into the benefits of having an FRC:

Official Family Documentation: The FRC is an official document that contains complete information about the family members. It contains all the information and details about the relationship of the other listed members with the applicant.

Streamlined Visa Applications: The document is quite important for visa applications. Embassies always ask for this crucial document as it helps to prove the family connections of the applicant. It can also help facilitate the visa application process.

Immigration & Emigration: The FRC is important for different immigration and emigration purposes. For instance, residency applications, work permits, and citizenship require FRC.

Legal Matters: The FRC also acts as a supporting document in legal matters. For example, if anyone wants to claim inheritance, they need to show all family details. Property transactions, even though other family-related legal proceedings also need such documents.

Government & Welfare Schemes: Most government welfare schemes and social programs need FRC to verify details regarding family members.

Admissions in Institutes: Educational institutes need FRC for admissions, particularly for international students.

Family Heritage & Ancestry: It provides useful information about family heritage and lineage. Moreover, it also helps in genealogical research and maintains family history.

NADRA Services: Applications for other identity documents, including CNIC, NICOP, and Smart NIC, require FRC.

Family Reunification: The official document is useful for people who are seeking reunification or sponsorship in another country.

NADRA FRC Categories

There are three sub-categories of FRC. Each one has different requirements:

Birth: It will contain information about your family, especially the details of your parents and siblings.
Marriage: This FRC will contain all your spouse’s and children’s details.
Adoption: This type will contain details about your guardian.

Documents Required For FRC

The documents needed to apply for a NADRA FRC are mentioned below:

  • CNIC/NICOP/POC of your siblings
  • CNIC/NICOP/POC of your parents
  • Photographs
  • Child Registration Certificate (CRC) of family members younger than 18 years
  • Death Certificate (If Needed)

By Birth

If your parents and siblings are registered in the NADRA database, you need to submit the CNIC/NICOP/POC of your siblings and parents. In addition to that, you also have to submit photographs and a CRC of family members younger than 18 years. It is pertinent to mention here that family members who have a vague record or are not registered with NADRA will not appear in your FCR.

By Marriage

For FRC by marriage, NADRA will require the CNIC/NICOP/POC of your children and spouse instead of your siblings and parents.

By Adoption

FCR By Adoption will require documents from their guardian.

Methods For Applying

There are three methods for applying for NADRA FRC:

  • NADRA Registration Centre
  • NADRA’s Online Portal
  • PAK ID App

Apply for FRC Through NRC

Go to your nearby NADRA Registration Centre (NRC) to apply for the FRC. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Head to the NADRA desk
  2. You will receive a token
  3. Visit the desk when they call out your token number
  4. The NADRA team will take your photograph
  5. Enter the required data; however, make sure that the data matches the one that already exists in NADRA’s database.
  6. A FRC print will be handed over to you.

Apply Via NADRA Online Portal

If you want to apply via an online portal, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Pak Identity website, NADRA’s online portal.
  2. Register a new account or log into the existing one.
  3. Select the suitable category.
  4. Provide the required data in the online application form
  5. Pay the required NADRA fee through your credit card/debit card.
  6. Submit your fingerprints
  7. Upload a passport-size photograph along with a scanned copy of your application form

Apply Via PAK ID App

  • Open the PAK ID App


  • Register or Log in to a new account

  • Tap on issuance of Identity Documents

  • Select the option FRC

  • Write your CNIC number as well as issue date

Family Registration Certificate

  • Select the category and upload your picture

Family Registration Certificate

  • Fill in the required details and submit.

Time Required For Application Completion to Delivery

  • You will get NADRA FRC in real time if you apply through NRC.
  • You will get the PDF version of FRC through email within a period of 24 hours if you apply via the online portal or PAK ID App.

NADRA FRC Fee Structure

Document Type
1000 PKR  1000 PKR

You can call at NADRA helpline for further details at 051-111-786-100.

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