FBR Introduces Online Module to promote Green Field Industry Investment

FBR is looking to promote Green Feld Industry Investment and for this, the regulatory authority is working to facilitate people to invest n this sector. To make investment easier, Federal Board of Revenue has launched an online portal in IRIS. This online portal will help with easy application filling process so that people can get Green Field Industry Status.

FBR Introduced Online Module to promote Green Field Industry Investment

Federal Board of Revenue announced this new step on Twitter. While breaking the news, FBR wrote:

“To this end, two separate applications have been provided under the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 and Sales Tax Act, 1990”.

Later on, FBR also wrote that this step is taken for the facilitation of people and that incorporation of ICT tools is a priority of for the authority and is a step towards Primeminister digital Pakistan initiative. FBR wants to accomplish PM’s vision for introducing such technological interventions that facilitate taxpayers.

FBR is trying to streamline the tax collection from the last few years to improve tax collection in Pakistan. This is done by facilitating customer through the introduction of the IRIS platform. FBR has collected PKR 22 billion as of December 8, 2020. These figures have doubled from the last few years.

Moreover, this is not the first time, the Federal Board of Revenue has facilitated tax filers, previously it helped tax filers with online submission methods. Furthermore, has also introduced a new button for urgent redressal of complaints against the corrupt officials.

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