FBR & NADRA will now Utilize Modern Technology to Spot non filers

In a landmark move, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) will calculate the income and tax liability of non-filers through modern technology before the start of 2022. It will be based on 14 million records of financial transactions rendered by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

According to a source, NADRA is using artificial intelligence (AI) for completing the profiles of potential taxpayers and filers. The activity is expected to be concluded by the end of December 2021. As previously mentioned, tax authorities have rendered 14 million records of financial transactions of national citizens to the NADRA to calculate indicative income and tax liability of non-filers via artificial intelligence.

FBR & NADRA will now Utilize Modern Technology to Spot Non-Filers

The source further entailed that the 14 million financial records encompass property transactions, automobile purchases, registration of vehicles with provincial excise departments, purchasing /selling of movable and rooted properties, utility bills, foreign travels, and other hefty expenditures.

After the culmination of the process, NADRA will provide the details of non-filers to FBR that will create their profiles and will upload them on its official website. In addition to that, they will be sent a message to visit FBR’s website to confirm their details and pay the due taxes and file their returns.

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Furthermore, a source from FBR has informed that potential taxpayers will be initially offered sufficient time to pay their taxes and file returns voluntarily. Contrarily, in the case of non-compliance, the authorities will take stern legal action against non-filers. Along with that, FBR will also establish special call centers, whose representatives will be provided the task to contact the non-filers to push them to submit taxes and file returns and offer them guidance for smoothly navigating the website.

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