FBR Reduces Sales Tax Rate on Mobile Phone Imports

Slight relief from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on sales taxes on mobile phones import. Basically, now you’d have to pay less tax on mobile phones as compared to the previous orders. The minimum sales tax is Rs. 135 only and the maximum sales tax is 9,270.

Note: These aren’t the overall “Tax Payables” on a phone, you’d still have to add Regulatory duty (RD), Withholding Tax (WHT), Mobile Levy and a Fixed Rate based on price category of the mobile device you plan to import.

No doubt, applying tax on mobile phones will help the govt. to curb the smuggling of the phones. As per announced by the FBR, the smartphone worth USD 30 and low will have a sales tax of Rs. 135 (reduced from Rs. 150). And, the maximum sales duty the consumer need to pay is Rs. 9270 (Previously 10300) if your phone costs more than USD 500.

Here’s the image circulated on Social Media and Local news

Check out the New Sales Tax Rate on Mobile Phones

tax rate on mobile phones

Previous Duty structure with Old Sales Tax.

Previous Tax table

The highlighted column is the one that got effected, making the new tax structure as follows.

Updated sales tax fbr

Moreover, FBR has also urged the international passengers to register their phones via the procedure prescribed by PTA and beware of the smuggling mafia who are trying to either use their credentials or sell them illegal mobiles.

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