FBR Reduces Tax Up to 45% on Imported Phones

Each individual has to pay tax when he/she brings any phone from abroad, the tax rate is decided by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). The step to reduce taxes was taken by FBR  to discourage the mobile smuggling mafias. With the collaboration of PTA, FBR is improving the overall system in order to stop the smuggling of phones. It uses PTA DIRBS system that makes it compulsory to register all the phones that are imported from abroad.

FBR Reduces Tax Up to 45% on Imported Phones

FBR has reduced the tax on imported phones up to 45%. Now international passengers who are bringing phones from abroad to Pakistan will have to pay lesser taxes. No doubt, the step taken by FBR is appreciable as it will ease up putting any extra financial burden on the pocket of a common man.

PTA and FBR are working hard to implement a smuggled free system in order to curb the issue of smuggled phones, which is eating up the economy of the country. FBR has requested international passengers to register their phones via the procedure prescribed by PTA and beware of the smuggling mafia who are trying to either use their credentials or sell them illegal mobiles.

Consumers were concerned about the high rates of taxes levied by FBR. However, now with the reduction in taxes up to 45% on imported phones, it will encourage international passengers to register their phones without bewilderment.

It is important to note that if international passengers register their phones after the time frame of 60 days will have to pay an extra 10 % fine along with the tax.


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    • Please dial *8484# from a local working SIM, add your info. You’ll get a PSID, show that to any local bank to pay the tax.
      Tax will be PKR 31,520 on Passport and around 40k on ID Card.

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