Federal Government Approves Science, Technology & Innovation Policy 2021

For a long time, the Ministry of Science and Technology under the auspices of the federal government was working on science, technology, and innovation policy. Finally, the federal cabinet after reviewing and scrutinizing has approved the Science, Technology & Innovation Policy-2021. The policy would assist in fulfilling the needs faced by different sectors of the country.

The Significance of the Science, Technology & Innovation Policy

Furthermore, the Ministry of Science and Technology drafted a new policy to meet the challenges of the contemporary era. It holds much significance in view of scientific innovations and the new emerging technologies that are taking place in all corners of the world. Furthermore, the policy is also vital for the country’s changing socio-economic dynamics owing to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and other such projects.

Details Regarding the new policy:

Establishment of Smart Cities:

The new policy entails that smart cities would be established smart cities in different phases.  These smart cities will incorporate emerging technologies to provide a healthy lifestyle to the residents. These emerging technologies include e-governance, modern security systems,  green and renewable energy, efficient transport systems, etc.

Establishment of the Data Center:

The new policy also calls for the establishment of a data center at the ministry level. The data center would be used by policymakers, researchers, students, government agencies, etc. This data center would help in eliminating disparities in salaries and allowances among scientists working in distinct organizations.

Promotion of indigenous Services:

The new policy also incorporates measures for building skilled technology workforce and executives. Additionally, it also calls for promoting indigenous development of products. It also asks for the strengthening of national standardization, quality, and accreditation systems.

Adoption of the Emerging technologies:

The new policy entails that measures would be taken for the adoption and utilization of emerging technologies. These emerging technologies include Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, AR/VR, blockchain, big data/data-mining, green technologies, space technologies, etc. Furthermore, the policy includes the establishment of an emerging technology fund (ETF), to ramp up the adoption of these technologies.

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