Federal Urdu University Develops First Emergency Rescue App

Pakistan’s first Emergency Rescue cell application has been developed by teachers at the Federal Urdu University Karachi. The app is the first of its type in Pakistan. This app is really handy and can be used in any emergency situation, it can be used during natural disasters like earthquake or fire and also in serious situations like burglary or any other crime.

Federal Urdu University Develops First Emergency Rescue App

The Emergency Rescue app has to be downloaded to your mobile phone after which the user selects a code word which can be sent to the friends and families in case the user gets stuck in any emergency situation. By speaking the code saved in your mobile phone, the mobile phone will send a help message along with your whereabouts automatically to the phone numbers the users have selected, so that help may reach in time.

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The teachers who developed the Emergency Rescue app are of the view that the program is similar to free insurance for the subscriber. They also indicated that all citizens can download the app without any charge. The faculty members also said that with assistance of the government the app can be verified really beneficial to people in distressed situations and can be used to save valuable lives.

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