Female Security App Lyzil Launched- Shouldn’t it be free?

Just recently, we were bombarded with the sponsored content related to women’s safety provided by the newly launched app Lyzil.  No doubt the app gives a sense of confidence and protection to women in Pakistan as they can easily get connected with their loved ones in times of unfortunate happenings. The Female Security App Lyzil lets female users trigger a panic alert by using an in-app button, pressing the volume button thrice, or shaking the phone. The monitoring service associated with the app contacts the women back and assures them regarding relevant emergency services.

While the overall idea seems pretty cool, the only issue here is that this app is paid in a country like Pakistan where 93% of Pakistani females have to face violence and adequate women below the poverty line who are facing this issue cannot afford the app.

Female Security App Lyzil Charges women after 21 Days Free Trial for Proving Safety

According to United Nations Development Programme, the poverty rate for women was expected to decrease by 2.7 percent between 2019 and 2021, but due to Covid -19, the gap is further increased to 9.1 percent. The situation is even worse in Pakistan alone, where the poverty index is growing sharply and at the same time mobile phone ownership and digital literacy are big problems here.

During such circumstances, a Pakistani app providing 21 days free trial will do nothing good to the women in the country who cannot pay for the app and considers it a secondary thing to spend money on. While it is my opinion and I am not even sure whether people will use this app after 21 days expiry, the people behind this app should think for the prosperity of the nation and the women living here instead of monetization.

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