Few Hacks for Your Old Mobiles or Tablets

It is a question of great concern–what to do with the old hand set or tablet when a new one is bought or gifted! If we keep on buying new ones and store the old ones in their boxes soon we will be out of space. Throwing or disposing them in the trash is not a wise thing to do. A common practice that is done by all is to give it to someone or to our kids. Whether we have a device for a few months or a year, attachment is there and giving it away makes it very difficult.   Here are few hacks that we can adopt and give it a different use.

Hack 1: Install Some Games and Let Your Kids Play

The prices of the gaming consoles nowadays have soared high, not everyone can afford to get their kids a gaming console or a separate new mobile or tablet. So installing some good games on the old handset or tablet can make-up for the expensive consoles

Hack 2: Turn it into a Learning Tool

With the prevailing Pandemic and the lockdown and online schooling system, each kid needs a separate hand held device. Buying a laptop or mobile or a tablet for every kids, is not a feasible approach; and lets say a person has 4 kids his expenses will be way out of the budget. In this scenario if an old hand set or tablet is available at home, with a little renewing of settings or restoring the factory setting will save a lot on buying a new device.

Hack 3: Convert it into a Baby Monitor

Keeping a check on the baby when they are sleeping in the other room or when one has to go out and leave the baby in babysitters care baby monitor is a good choice but it comes at a high price. Turning the old handset or tablet into a baby monitor can be a more affordable way to keep track of the baby. Baby monitor apps can be downloaded.

Hack 4: Keep It as a Backup or Emergency Phone

Mishaps happen, handsets slips and falls to the floor sometimes (if luck is on our side) the handset bears the impact and nothing happens and sometimes (when it isn’t our day) the screen shatters or breaks and we are left with a dead mobile with a million calls to make and send messages emails. So if a spare handset is available at hand the day is saved and works as a substitute till the broken is repaired or a new one is bought.

Hack 5: Give It to Your Kids as Their First Mobile

Earlier kids when reached a certain age could enjoy few luxuries Now times have changed kids from a very young age is into the technology and high tech devices. It has its pros and cons but a strict check over the kids activities is a must. So in such scenarios or case giving your kid a handset with the controlled apps and parental set time usage will be good idea.

Hack 6: Exchange or Trade Your Old Handset

With the non-stop evolving of the technology and new device models with upgraded specs are released nearly every month, one can always exchange their old set (in good condition) with a latest version than their handset. Their are third party sites which can always be of great assistance in such matters like OLX. Certain pages and groups on Facebook can also help in this matter.

Hack 7: Sell Your Mobile for Cash

The last hack on my list is the easiest way of earning some extra cash i.e. sell your mobile. It sounds pretty simple but it should never be done without a proper homework. Whenever one is selling their handset always do a survey of the market and online, find more about your handset, its demand and about it’s price. Check your handset by different parties and let them quote their price and if that price is up to your expectations go for the sale or else keep it with you (apply some other hack from the above list).

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