Finally, Gates Speaks Up Against Conspiracy Theories

We came across many doctored photos and fabricated news articles crafted by conspiracy theories online. All these theories have been shared thousands of times on social media platforms and messaging apps, in various languages that targeted the Gates and accused him of creating the coronavirus outbreak.

Recently, a YouTube video accusing Gates of wanting ‘to eliminate 15% of the population’ through vaccination and electronic microchips has racked up millions of views.

Finally, Gates Speaks Up Against Conspiracy Theories

The Microsoft founder said, “It’s a bad combination of pandemic and social media and people looking for a very simple explanation.

As the coronavirus pandemic has spread around the world, with millions infected and thousands dead, billionaire Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has pledged a quarter billion dollars to combat the disease through his foundation.

Gates continued, “So you just turn that around. You say, ok, we’re making money and we’re trying to kill people with vaccines or by inventing something,”

“And at least it’s true we’re associated with vaccines, but you actually have sort of flipped the connection,” he said, adding he hopes the conspiracies don’t generate “vaccine hesitancy.”

Since the start of the crisis, we have observed that a lot of anti-Gates rumors are circulating online on different platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram in different languages including English, French, Spanish, Polish, Czech, and many others.

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