Finally You can Reject WhatsApp group Invitations

WhatsApp group invitations are very annoying even sometimes people drag you in the groups without your consent. We had rumours that WhatsApp is rolling out a feature that will allow you to choose whether someone can add you to the group or not. Finally, The ‘WhatsApp reject group invitation’ feature is here. It is a kind of setting that allows you to choose who can add you in group chats.

Now You can Prevent people from adding you to Stupid WhatsApp Groups

Thank God! Now no one can add you to nonsense WhatsApp group without your approval. However, you need to enable the WhatsApp group Invitations feature.

Here’s how to enable WhatsApp group Invitations feature:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • Go to settings
  • Now head to Accounts and then Privacy
  • Click on groups and select the option that goes with your preference. These are the options you will be provided with:
    – Nobody (this prevents anyone from adding you to a group without an invitation)
    – My contacts (only your contacts can add you to a group without an invitation)
    – Anyone (Anyone can add you to a group without an invitation)If you value your privacy, you’ll want to select either of the first two options.

People are very happy with this feature and are expressing their happiness on Twitter as well.

Keeping its users engaged is the old habit of WhatsApp. The social messaging app remains in the limelight by introducing new features for its users. Recently, we have come to know that, the users will soon be allowed to reject the WhatsApp Group Invitations. 

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