How to Find iPhone’s Second SIM IMEI to Register it with PTA?!

We all know that any phone that is brought into Pakistan from abroad needs to be registered and approved by PTA. If you are one importing or bringing along with you any of the latest Apple handsets (since the iPhone XS), you’d know that they have only one physical SIM slot but has another modem for the second SIM called the eSIM/ Digital SIM and will also have a second IMEI.

What’s an eSIM or Digital SIM?

An eSIM is a digital SIM, which allows an iPhone user to activate and use a cellular network without having to use a common physical nano-SIM. Basically, it is a second SIM, without a physical slot.

iPhone Models with Dual SIM Functionality?

> iPhone XS / XS Max

> iPhone XR

> iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max

Find and Register the Second SIM IMEI / Dual SIM on Your iPhone with PTA? – Guide

Firstly, find out if your new iPhone, recently imported is Dual SIM or not?

In order to do that, you need to go to Settings > General and tap About. There you will get the two IMEI numbers (if your phone is dual SIM). You can see clearly in the images given below

iphone dual second sim IMEI


Digital SIM IMEI Registration PTA

Note or write down your IMEIs and then head over to the registration of your device with PTA

Registration Process:

Basically, the registration is going to be the same, either through the DIRBS Portal ( or by dialing *8484#.


Choose Dual SIMs instead of single SIM and add both your IMEIs (including the digital one) and proceed with the process.

2 sims

We have already covered the whole process of registering your smartphone with PTA via *8484# and via the two-step authentication process using the DIRBS web portal (if registering as an international traveler)

If you need to find out the taxes on the mobile devices that you imported, use our tax calculator!

Taxes on the latest Apple iPhones:

iPhone 11 Series Tax

iPhone XS, XS Max Tax

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  • Sir i have iphone xs max one imei is pta approved and other e-sim is not approved. What i can do ?

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