Firefox 96 a Better Platform For Video and Audio Calls

Very few web browsers are still running on the non-chromium rendering engine and Firefox is one of them. This feature gives Mozilla the edge to try new web features and low-level performance changes in a way that no other web browsers can. Last month new security features and some macOS enhancements were made to the Firefox 95 and now  Firefox 96 is officially available. For video and audio calls, Firefox 96 provides a better platform.

For android devices the Firefox 96, does not offer that great of an update but it certainly does bring some great changes. The home page has higher-quality icons for recent bookmarks, and some interface elements have been fixed or improved.

Mozilla has made some “significant improvements” especially to noise suppression, automatic gain control and echo cancellation. All the other communication platforms have their own  special technology to cancel the noise; but if someone does not have the access to those platforms, Firefox will be of great help to them.

Firefox now uses the “Same-Site=lax” HTTP header by default when receiving data, which improves security.

The updated version can be downloaded from the Mozilla’s website for desktop users and from Play Store for Android users.

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