First Mass Production Self-Driving Car Announce by Cruise and GM

First Mass Production Self-Driving Car Announce by Cruise and GM. Did you ever think of cruising in a self-driving car? If not, then this is the time to think of it. Kyle Vogt, CEO, and founder of Cruise Automation said that they’re almost finished manufacturing a vehicle which will be ready for self-driving. But before that, they need to comply fully with the software and regulatory environment first.

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First Mass Production Self-Driving Car Announce by Cruise and GM

GM and Cruise’s autonomous vehicle is based on a 3rd generation Cruise self-driving platform whereas the car used for this purpose is the electric Chevrolet Bolt. This is one of a kind experiment done in the history of automobile industry because the self-driving software is incorporated in the Chevrolet bolt model. So this feature brings this venture to retrofit model and retrofit vehicles are hard to build. But GM & Cruise have done it successfully. And as of now, this latest vehicle is a production-ready design. Not only this vehicle is at a production-ready design, it has “full redundancy” throughout the autonomous system, making it ready mechanically from a sensor and software perspective to “fail operationally and be safe.”

This state of the art vehicle will be produced at the automaker’s Orion, Michigan facility, which is where GM and Cruise previously announced they would be producing their Bolt test cars.

Fifty vehicles have been built by GM so far, and production is expected to escalate. The CEO of Cruise Automation Vogt said that:

“That there isn’t a definite timeline for deploying the software that enables full self-driving, but he added that this is designed for deployment in fleets, rather than as individually owned consumer vehicles.”

The manufacturing company is positive about the third generation of Cruise’s self-driving vehicle that it’ll hit markets within 14 months. This will be a milestone in developing a fully functional self-driving vehicle even for testing purposes.

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